Tuesday, May 18, 2010

No mater how steadily one seems to progress with building/ managing a website there’s always a little something which gives it to you in the neck. In my case it’s the question of bounce rate.

It’s about a website, for which I assisted a buddy, but he is strongly concerned about the bounce rate, the slightest mention can bring an arch to the eyebrows in his case.

Fortunate as we are to be able to refer to Google Analytics, the figures of bounced traffic are high in the percentage, there is no denying that, but here is what I’d suggest you consider before you set out to remedy this little matter-
One really must consider the business objective of the site, how are the conversions coming along? Conversion is what the website is all about they are bring about the ROI, if these figures are good I won’t be too worried about the bounce rate.

With that said bounce rate must not influence any important decisions that you make about your site. If conversions aren’t where you’d like them to be then you need to consider various aspects of your website, I’m assuming you’ve already run checks on your competitions website, google trends n so forth, with that bit out of your way run a check on alexa.com for your site, how do your page load speeds come up, anything over 8 seconds will not be well received (8 sec over a 512 kbps line is the ideal test I would say).

The only case in which bounce rate is of high relevance is when you’re running an online information site, something like a magazine(a site which has no direct or visible biz). For such sites the objective is to gather data email address etc and pass these visitors onto the site of a store or sell this data to such a site. Then again I would see he anatomy of the site speed is a factor, someone looking for information wants it quick, friendly navigation which doesn’t need a visitor to think is good, you’ve got to engage people.

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